Wire Mesh Design, Supply, Fabrication and Installation

Locker woven wire mesh is supplied in a range of metals on the roll, cut to size or in strips.  In addition to supply, our highly skilled team combine unparalleled experience with technical knowledge to provide a fully bespoke and complete service.  Working with architects, designers, planners and main contractors, we develop ground-breaking new applications for our versatile range of materials, as well as providing fabrication, engineering and advice for specific bespoke projects.

Woven wire mesh is strong and durable, with fire resistant properties. It is largely self-maintaining and flexible enough to adapt to fit forms, frames and underlying structures. The majority of our wire meshes are constructed from solid metals and therefore far more fire resistant than comparable composite materials.

We offer a full range of woven wire mesh specifications, from the finest wirecloth filters to heavy duty rigid screens, and our mesh is regularly used within the following sectors for a myriad of applications from tiny filters to huge building facades.


Locker Wire Weavers is a leading industrial woven wire mesh and wire cloth manufacturer, supplier and fabricator. We specialise in woven wire mesh, woven wire cloth and metal mesh used for a vast range of industrial screening, sieving, straining, separating, grading and filtering applications.


The Locker range of Wind and Weather Shields has been created to provide both permanent and temporary solutions to a range of environmental problems, offering effective wind and weather protection without adversely affecting light transmission or ventilation.


Working with architects, designers, planners and main contractors, we develop ground-breaking new applications in the architectural field for our versatile range of woven wire mesh and non-metallic materials as well as providing engineering and advice for specific bespoke projects.


The Locker Clarifier System is designed to reduce suspended solids (S.S.) carry over to lower levels using mesh screening panels. Subsequently B.O.D. (biological oxygen demand) is also reduced in the final effluent produced by sewage and waste water treatment works.


Locker Radiant Heat Shield cladding panels provide safety and protection for personnel and equipment against radiant heat from Oil Rigs and FPSO flares. Wire mesh heatshielding panels are lightweight and rigidly structured to withstand the offshore environment and rough handling.


Locker have a business division specialising in smaller quantities of mesh for artists, hobbyists, modelers and home improvers. The Mesh Company also incorporates The Crazy Wire Company and Speciality Metals.

Cutting edge technology is combined with unsurpassed knowledge of all things wire mesh to build close partnerships with customers. Locker staff regularly work as part of the project design team to develop new and innovative wire mesh products and solutions.
Both our resources and our vast applications experience have enabled us to develop wire mesh solutions for many customers worldwide - from blue chip multinational companies to small specialist firms with unique applications.

Corporate History

The Locker Group Ltd has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of woven wire mesh and wire cloth for more than 140 years. Originally established in Warrington, UK in 1878, the quality workmanship and spirit of innovation which defined Locker mesh products then, still hold true today.

For those interested in our corporate history, click on the image of Thomas Locker from our 1928 company brochure (PDF).

Both Locker and Potter and Soar were instrumental in development of the wire mesh industry. Find out more in our article 'The History of Wire Weaving' which documents the progress of the wire mesh weaving industry right from its very beginnings.

History Highlights

  • 1811

    James Locker invented the first wire cloth weaving loom

  • 1878

    Thomas Locker & Co founded in Warrington, England

  • 1886

    Locker first to manufacture wire mesh on a steam powered loom

  • 1899

    Thomas Locker & Co converted to a limited company

  • 1923-1925

    James Thomas Locker elected Mayor of Warrington

  • 1936

    Warrington site expanded to 14 acres, 7 factories

  • 1948

    Company floated on the LSE

  • 1953-1960

    Purchased sites and expanded business in South Africa, Australia and Belgium

  • 1968

    Merged with Butterfield and Harvey, London

  • 1976

    First woven wire mesh manufacturer in industry to achieve ISO9000 (formerly BS5750)

  • 1990

    Acquired Henry Simon, Special Products Division

  • 2000

    Relocated UK Design and Technical Centre

  • 2012

    Purchased Potter and Soar Ltd

Company Information

Locker comprises the holding company Locker Group Ltd and its specialist operating divisions; Locker Wire Weavers Ltd. and Locker Heatshielding Ltd. Locker Architectural Ltd is a sister company. All wire mesh materials are manufactured in accordance with International Standards.
Locker Group Terms and Conditions Of Sale

Locker Group Ltd registered in England & Wales No.5608946
Locker Wire Weavers Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 420247
Locker Heatshielding Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 5900737
Locker Architectural Ltd registered in England & Wales No. 6752595

VAT Registration No: 896 11 7588

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