Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Care and Maintenance

The properties of stainless steel wire mesh make it perfect for a vast range of applications, from super-fine wirecloth filters to very heavy-duty rigid screens. Locker stainless steel wire mesh is relatively low-maintenance even when withstanding the elements as a building façade or radiant heatshield.  Our finer wire cloth has to withstand chemical processes and a huge amount of wear and tear.

So how best to ensure the longest possible lifespan for your stainless steel?

Stainless steels are selected for applications where their inherent corrosion resistance, strength and aesthetic appeal are important. Despite these properties and dependent on the service conditions, stainless steel  will stain and discolour due to surface deposits and so cannot be assumed to be completely maintenance free. If installed and maintained as recommended, stainless steel wire mesh should have a long and trouble-free life.

In order to achieve maximum corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal, the surface of the stainless-steel wire mesh must be kept clean and protected from any corrosion stimulating process or deposit, such as grinding swarf, welding sparks and ferrous metal dust. If contaminated, the stainless steel should be cleaned in accordance with methods recommended by the British Stainless Steel Association.

Provided the grade of stainless steel and the surface finish are correctly selected for the application, and cleaning schedules carried out as recommended on a regular basis, good performance and long service life will result.


Locker are members of the British Stainless Steel Association.

View their advice on Care and maintenance of stainless steel, and their recommended Cleaning methods for stainless steel.


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